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Venue: Ramada Hotel Multan

23rd March 2021

Public Reviews

Engr. Adil Iqbal

I have been using Saraat for a while and I am excited because this is a very great platform for the Muslims. Anyone can offer prayer and just put your attendance here to make yourself regular in prayers. Also, the giftes given by Saraat are very great, You can do small tasks and get rewarded. You can add more and more Muslims in your circle, they offer prayers and do same tasks and you also get rewarded for adding them via your referal.

Taha Shoukat

While having a look at the Saraat platform, I am impressed by the idea they have implemented. They are doing great for the sake of Good. I have also created account on Saraat and using it. This is my message to all of the Muslims in the world that they must spread this great effort by he platform creator. May Allah bless all. The amazing feature in the Saraat is you can grow your Jamaat and get rewarded. I have never seen such type of Islamic Website so for.